Business Loan

Bokdia Finance – A right funding partner for your enterprise

Our businesses are like football team, each player needs to contribute towards that winning goal. One of the key driver for any business is finance, a right lending partner could help you never miss opportunities. Choose Bokdia Finance as the right lending / funding partner which has more than 40+ years of experience in this… Continue reading Bokdia Finance – A right funding partner for your enterprise

Business Loan

Short Term Business Loan against Sovereign Gold Bond

Short term business loans against soverign gold bond


Pre Approved Business Loans

  Businesses can get their future loans pre-approved so that they can use it for their working capital requirements during the hour of need. As life is full of chocolates, we at Bokdia Finance help you when you receive the bitter dark chocolate. Pre-Approved loans helps you save time and stress to raise funds when… Continue reading Pre Approved Business Loans