Good Debt Vs. Bad Debt

We at Bokdia Finance as part of our work culture constantly educate our clients the basic difference between a Good Debt Vs. Bad Debt.

In short any debt is good as far as someone else is paying the interest for it or the subsequent debt adds value (Tangible or Intangible).

For check if you are laden with Good or Bad Debt visit us at http://www.BokdiaFin.in or call us at 9150132003.

Bokdia Finance, Lenders of Good Debt.


Unique Private Financing Solutions to Chennai’s Unique Businesses

Just like the fingers in our palm which are unique and different, we believe each business is unique and different.  Bokdia Finance provides Private Financing solutions in Chennai that’s suits the financial requirements of your unique business.

Bokdia Finance is a private Financing firm since 1962 committed in helping you grow your business. We provide Business Loans to Chennai’s Businesses for short term. Our products include short term loan, bridge Loans, working capital Loans with tailor made repayment solutions suiting the existing cash flow of the business. For more details visit our website http://www.bokdiafin.in or call Sushil Bokdia – 9150132003


Pre Approved Business Loans

Box of Chocolcate.jpg


Businesses can get their future loans pre-approved so that they can use it for their working capital requirements during the hour of need. As life is full of chocolates, we at Bokdia Finance help you when you receive the bitter dark chocolate.

Pre-Approved loans helps you save time and stress to raise funds when you require them the most. This helps you in not missing a single order and hence increases credibility of the business by delivering on time.