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Sushil Kumar, from Bihar became the first contestant to have won the Rs. 50 Million from Kaun Banega Crorepati TV show back in 2011. After having failed to invest money wisely is now struggling in his life.

This example is a classic case of rags to riches to rags story which every individual needs to be aware of so that it could help them avoid making these mistakes when it comes to personal finance.

7 Key Learning –

1. Being Grounded:

Success brings mountain load of rush to an individual’s mind, and overnight winning Rs. 50 Million makes you feel top of the Universe. It is always important to be grounded and let the rush subside, this would help one take rational decisions.

2. Start Building a Corpus:

It is difficult to become a millionaire, but it is even more difficult to stay a millionaire. It is always advisable to build a personal corpus consisting of any sum small or big. The idea of building a corpus is to build a wealth consisting of principal amount whose interest alone should be used for expenditures, starting business, investing or leisure. The corpus should be kept in the safest possible asset class – Fixed deposit. Here the primary motive is to safe guard the corpus amount and not the worry about rate of return.

3. Stop Reckless Expenditure:

Sushil Kumar committed himself to philanthropy (where many duped him), frequent non productive travel and numerous expenditures. Its is important to know when to commit to an expenditure by proper earmarking and planning for the funds. If there is no other major source of regular income, the expenditure should be made strictly from the interest accrued of the corpus amount. Never borrow money to spend, such practice will only make you broke sooner than later. Having a disciplined approach over expenditure is the key to staying rich.

4. Start a Business that you understand:

Sushil Kumar met media Students’ group which made him interested in film making. He decided to go to Mumbai to become a filmmaker. However he was pushed into scripting for soap operas. If you start any business on borrowed conviction or ideas, you are soon going to reach a dead end. When it comes to business and investment, every individual has varied levels of acumen and conviction. Tasting success in first attempt is never certain, so always do things which you understand with a great degree of conviction else you will end up being RESTLESS.

5. Risk Capital:

Taking risks can help you quickly multiply your wealth or end up losing years of accumulated wealth. Sushil Kumar started investing his prize money in various businesses, and most if these ventures flopped. Hence, it is prudent to set aside a small portion (generally 5-10%) from corpus / interest amount accrued towards risk capital. Always take calculated risk by keeping an exit strategy for both downside and upside, it is always good to know when to cut your losses or book your profits. In case of profits, add the profits back to corpus and repeat the cycle.

6. Good Habits helps you SAVE even more

Sushil Kumar met few students’ group which made him not only exposed to new ideas and beliefs but also exposed him to alcohol and smoking. It is always advisable to surround yourself with good company. This can help you stay out of bad habits that could cost you your fortune.

7. Relationship Matters:

Sushil Kumar’s friend list began to rise and fall simultaneously along with his fortunes. His married life turned chaotic after winning the big fortune that almost reached to a point of divorce. It is important to value relationships with our near and dear, as these tend to stay with you forever even after you have lost a fortune. You are rich in relationships you build than by money you count.

Signing off as ‘KBC 5 winner’, Sushil Kumar concluded the note by adding that it’s important to have little needs in life and work towards fulfilling it.

Sushil Bokdia,
Bokdia Finance & Estate


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