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Interview with “Parivu TV – 15 Minute Online Chat” about our latest Blog

Parivu TV – A YouTube channel had invited your trusted financial partner for a interview

Recently had published a blog on “Entrepreneurs Beware: On utilising Short-Term Capital for Long-Term Commitments” and was widely appreciation from entrepreneur community including many of our esteemed clients.

Bokdia Finance had always focused on educating its clients on prudent use of working capital that would make them well equipped about the nuances of finances. For last 4 decades we have made it a process to engage with our clients, enquire on their new ventures, encouraged them to share their success as well as learning. We would also make it a point to share the current industry trends, outcome of case study in similar industry and try to caution them of any pitfalls ahead.

On this endeavour, our above mentioned blog was picked up recently by Parivu TV – YouTube channel and had invited us to discuss about the same. We had also covered discussion on benefits of Moratorium & Debt restructuring in the current environment post COVID-19 where multiple businesses may face a lower cash flow yielding from a short term drop in revenues.

Bokdia Finance, in its efforts to equip business owners with right information would continue to strive hard to spread the right knowledge.

An investment in knowledge always pays the best interest – Ben Franklin

Your Financial Partner,
Sushil Bokdia
Bokdia Finance


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